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“Please leave a message or text us at +1 (202) 681-2044. We may not answer your phone call right away simply because we may mistaken your call for a tele-marketer or telephone clutter, of which we get plenty each day. If you would like us to build you a website, an app, develop some software or for advanced systems engineering [I.T. support], please feel free to contact us. We build many beautiful websites daily, including this one. Thank you kindly!”

Our site, GiftSting.com, is secured & back-ground checked directly by major banks, credit card associations & COMODO.  We work very hard to avoid middlemen [which means headaches & nightmares] like PayPal & Amazon Pay.  And a big “YES,” we have been checked out quite rigorously. You may notice security seals & stamps distributed throughout the website.

Question: “Do you capture or store credit card information on your website?”

Answer: “No! No! No… And absolutely no!!!  Your credit card payments are processed by Authorize.net, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.  As you can observe, we have partnered with the biggest companies so as to take care of both, you and us.  They have all the security facilities to take care of such headaches!  Those big companies are heavily regulated by governments throughout the world, as you can imagine.   We NEVER get to see any credit card information and we find no value in keeping or storing such information because doing so has potential for problems, in an unforeseen situation we become compromised. Besides, we are more interested in makeup, beautiful products & delivering impeccable services, not credit cards or engaging in some crooked business.”

Question: “Why should I trust you, GiftSting.com?”

Answer: “Well, words are cheap!  See for yourself attachments below of a customer who bought a cool ‘gift with a sting’ from us at GiftSting.com.  Oh, yes!  We do everything just as we promise.  If you have problems, just ship it back [make sure it is not used & in the condition that you received it].  Boom!  You get your money back, up to the penny. :)”

Question: “How can I be sure that my credit card information is safe when buying online?”

Answer: “If you are uneasy, make sure to pick up the phone & speak to, or get an email reply from, a person at that online store. They must answer all your questions till you are satisfied. Also make sure the website has a security icon {a little padlock} at the top left corner {which is an SSL/TLS certificate, a security mechanism for encryption}.  Also, keep in mind that if you should ever feel compromised, credit cards are very simple to block & replace with your bank.  It’s just a matter of calling your bank or the 800 number at VISA or MasterCard.  Simple!”

Question: “Where do you find the merchandise you sell?”

Answer: “Directly from the manufacturers themselves, mostly right here in the United States of America, where standards in producing beauty products are very high.  We have very good & healthy relationships with many big names like MAC Cosmetics, E.L.F., Mistura, L’Oreal Paris,  premier wholesalers & many more.  All in all, we absolutely do not deal in or with fake, knock-off, cheap, substandard products, forgeries or dishonesty of any kind.  We are genuinely passionate about beauty & we sincerely want beauty to succeed!  🙂 “

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