Please take careful note that the “Free Shipping” rate quoted throughout GiftSting.com only applies to the continental United States of America.

We may alter goods and services

We may alter goods, products and services from their original format or configuration for the purpose of reducing waste and minimizing cost to ship or transport. We are also quite obsessed with appearances and the presentation with or of our products. Please take careful note that the “Free Shipping” rate quoted throughout GiftSting.com only applies to the continental United States of America.


All returned goods must be in their original or near original condition; that is, just as they were when they were received by the customer, while keeping regard for / taking into account shipping conditions. We will cover shipping cost for returns soon as we receive the returned goods. Please feel free to contact us.

All clearance sales are final because pricing of or on such goods is usually dropped quite drastically to extents such that those items will not be worth the effort of returning or contenting about.

Important issues

“Just to let you know that we have been consulting with the United States Postal Services [USPS] over the weekend so as to add a reasonable shipping calculator to our online boutique outlet, GiftSting.com. Great news is that we have now added a shipping calculator that should guide us all, our national & international audiences. Please consider the calculator a very rough guide to actual conditions at the post office and within the larger complicated international shipping network. As it has become quite a surprise to us, shipping is perhaps the most challenging undertaking for our online outlet because there are simply many factors to consider during any single transaction. However, what is more important to know is that we work very hard each day to trade very fairly and in an affordable manner so as to avoid making profit unnecessarily from outlying issues such as shipping & handling. With this level of honesty, we are quite confident that we can pass all savings to you and, perhaps, thereby earn your loyalty. We genuinely appreciate your kindness. Thank you very much! Merci beaucoup!”

With shipping, there are 3 very important factors that are beyond the control of any of us:

1. Weight [you must be aware that any weight below 1 pound or less than 0.45 kg is usually rounded to 1 pound by shippers]

2. Size [dimensions of the box]

3. Distance [to the destination]

Then there are other important factors that we have limited control over:

1. Carrier [We normally use USPS because they offer good quality services & for less cost overall. First Class Service / no tracking is the lowest. Global Express Service with tracking included is a premium pay service. Please contact us.]

2. Time [The actual time of arrival of the package / can take up to a month for international addresses]

3. Other unforeseen surprises [for example the address of the customer may not be established or registered on major mapping or GPS systems]

How we handle international shipping

With international purchases, you will normally:

• Make a purchase using our shipping calculator herein

• We then transport the package to either of these major carriers for processing:

◦ United States Postal Services [USPS], a service of the federal government of the United States of America

◦ UPS [United Postal Services]

◦ FedEx


• If after the carrier’s shipping charges are added it turns out that you, our customer, owe an amount, we cancel the order and let you know there will be an extra charge via email or text message.  At that point you will make a decision to proceed or not.

• If the carrier’s shipping rates turn out to be considerably lower than our estimates, we proceed with the shipment then return the overpaid amount; that is, the difference is refunded to your credit card or method of payment.

All in all, Gift Sting is a great service and a phenomenal cultural experience because many major retailers and wholesalers within America do not have facilities, channels, mechanisms or knowledge with shipping internationally. Quite frankly, big companies will not ship internationally so long as it impacts their bottom line or causes them financial stress in some manner. Besides, many big companies are simply too rigid, cumbersome and would need a complete overhaul in order to handle international shipping. But yes we can & we do because we have always been interested in working with the international audience, which means that is exactly how we configured our online boutiques from the very start. We are perfectly international all the way! Through Gift Sting International, you can receive very cool super quality gifts that can only be found in America &, many times, only through GiftSting.com

Here is a sample of shipping rate quotes for a 1 pound [ which is 0.45 kg] box of dimensions 4 inches X 4 inches X 4 inches [which is 10.16 cm X 10.16 cm X 10.16 cm] shipping to Finland.

Gift Sting International