WE DO NOT STORE / KEEP INFORMATION OF OUR CUSTOMERS. We have no need to because our products, services, performance and solid reputation are our true, tried and tested testimonials. All monetary / financial transactions are and will be handled by their respective established professionals. Just as we do not like to be constantly dogged, tracked and spied upon, we would like the same rights and privileges for you. And just so we are very open and frank, there may be times where the technologies we employ come built or packaged with features that do, in fact, deploy features that may somehow identify the activities of the customer or user. Information gathered from that understanding may help us take note of the types of products and / or services that you the customer may be interested in, thereby giving us some guidance as to our decisions and what we should be focusing upon, nothing further.

Returns in brief

All returned goods must be in their original or near original condition; that is, just as they were when they were received by the customer, while keeping regard for / taking into account shipping conditions. We will cover shipping cost for returns soon as we receive the returned goods. All clearance sales are final because pricing on such goods is usually quite low already. Please feel free to contact us.

Shipping in brief

We may alter goods, products and services from their original format or configuration for the purpose of reducing waste and minimizing cost to ship or transport. We are also quite obsessed with appearances and the presentation with or of our products. Please take careful note that the “Free Shipping” rate quoted throughout GiftSting.com only applies to the continental United States of America.

Gift Sting International